Debt Settlement & Restructuring

Saving Homes & Businesses Through Restructured Debt

As business restructuring advisors, we can help you or your business overcome the economic challenges presented by the COVID-19 outbreak. With our nation facing an unprecedented economic disruption, there are many reasons for cash flow shortages in personal and business finances. We can assist you with the process of debt settlement, debt restructuring, and/or lease restructuring to help save your home and/or business.

Huckstep Law works with individuals with combined loans and credit debt over $10,000, or businesses with loans and/or credit card debt exceeding $25,000, or lease obligations which you simply cannot meet. While we are knowledgeable with bankruptcy proceedings, our goal is to find out-of-court restructuring or settlement resolutions of complex transactions that fit within your finances. During this difficult economic downturn, lenders and landlords are more likely to restructure an obligation to recover partial repayment instead of losing the entire balance. Our experienced attorneys will guide you through the complex process of working with lenders to reduce and extend payment obligations. A successful debtor representation begins the following:

  • Review Current Income Cash-flow, Assets & Contractual Obligations
  • Document Existing Loan & Credit Commitments
  • Analyze Current Monthly Budget To Determine Payments
  • Determine Fiscal Ability To Avoid Bankruptcy
  • Establish Dialog with Creditors & Collection Agencies To Negotiate A Restructured Settlement
  • Work With Your Accountant To Understand Income Tax Consequences To Forgiven Restructured Debt

Providing Peace Of Mind

If creditors or landlords are calling and/or threatening legal action, now is the time to work with Huckstep Law debt attorneys. We swiftly and efficiently assess our client’s source of financial distress and work to implement creative and innovative out-of-court restructuring options through consensual debt restructurings and financial recapitalization. On-going uncertainty makes this work an iterative process as cash-flow changes and potential benefit programs over time. Typically, this is a six-month to one-year process until complete resolution. Addressing financial defaults as early as possible tends to lead to better outcomes.