Business Law

Dedicated To Serving The Full Range Of Our Clients' Business & Commercial Needs

Successful entrepreneurs and business owners rely on effective advisors for guidance in just about every facet of their operation – from formation, contract creation, human resource issues, dispute resolution, and buy/sell transactions. Our firm has built a reputation as a trusted and reliable advisor to clients large and small, across numerous industries and every form of legal structure. We seek long-term relationships with our clients, established through the trust and respect that comes from helping you successfully plan for future challenges, and navigate those challenges when they arise.

Huckstep Law LLC provides clients with coordinated representation pertaining to virtually any matters that may affect, or result from, a business need or initiative.

Examples of areas of expertise within the firm are:

  • Business Formation & Governance
  • Tax & Regulatory Compliance
  • Commercial Contract Negotiation & Preparation
  • Commercial Financial Services
  • Recruiting Private Equity/Venture Capital
  • Business Sale, Transfer & Dissolution
  • Franchise & Distribution
  • Tax-Exempt Organizations
  • Human Resource Matters
  • Dispute Resolution

Our clients operate in a fast-moving environment where prompt and knowledgeable legal guidance is critical. Once we understand your objectives, our attorneys work tirelessly to achieve the best outcome for you and your business. We offer an attorney/client relationship based on trust, proven responsiveness, efficiency, and transparent communication.

Representative Client Examples (excuse the vague business descriptions – we also take our client’s confidentiality very seriously):

  • Huckstep Law, LLC, serves as counsel for a large national and international custom construction firm focused on a niche market. Our client relies on us for contract formation services, contract negotiation services, and to resolve contract disputes when they arise. As this client has expanded operations into international markets, Huckstep Law has assisted with adapting business processes to protect the client from any default or breach by a foreign customer.
  • Huckstep Law, LLC, serves as counsel for a growing national and international manufacturer and distributor of alcoholic beverages. As the company has grown, Huckstep Law’s representation has encompassed three rounds of equity transactions, negotiating contractual relationships with international distributors, and assisting with human resources challenges within the organization.
  • Huckstep Law, LLC, has helped two local businesses address discrete human resources conflicts with key employees. In small communities like Crested Butte, the primary objective of these disputes is ensuring that any resolution remain confidential.
  • Huckstep Law, LLC has helped numerous new property owners structure a business entity for liability protection purposes, especially when those new owners plan to engage in short- or long-term rental activities.
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